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Prepare a Gentle Welcome for Your Baby

Were bright lights shined in your eyes?
Or were you born in relative darkness?
Did you remain in your parent's arms?
Or did a stranger take you away?
Did you feed from your mother's warm breasts?
Or were you feed with a cold plastic bottle?
We you born drugged and feeling sick?
Or were you in full consciousness?
Were you bathed right away?
Or did keep your mother's scent?
Were you painfully poked with needles?
Or did your perfect design work for you?
Were the voices you heard that of stangers?
Or were your parents the first to greet you?
Was any part of your body painfully cut?
Or were you left as you were created to be?
Did you learn that our world is filled with pain?
Or did you learn that our world is loving?

What type of birth will you create for your baby?

The choice is yours...

Don't allow this to be your baby!

Did You Know?
Home births have been shown to be safer than hospital birth for healthy moms???
Read more!

We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful... it's that women are strong.
- Laura Stavoe Harm

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