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Vaccination Truths

Many parents do not question that their child should be vaccinated because, like most things we do in life, we learn early on that it is "supposed" to be done. But not everyone agrees that all vaccines are safe for all children. Newborn babies get full adult doses of vaccinations and receive close to three dozen shots of ten different diseases by age five. As a parent, it is up to you to be informed and know the realities. There are supportive pediaticians should you decide not to vaccinate. In Massachusetts your child is still able to attend public schools without being fully immunized. You have the right to refusal and, if you decide that certain vaccinations feel right for your child, you also have the right to decide on an alternate vaccination schedule that may be safer for your child. We have provided lots of good reading for you here and also some basic facts. Know what you're doing before your child takes the risk:
What your Doctor may Not Tell You, ©Dr. Dawn Khoury

Before You Vaccinate Ask Yourself...
  • Is my child sick today?
  • Is my child allergic to food, medicines, or vaccines?
  • Has my child ever reacted to a vaccine?
  • Has my child taken a steriod or anti-cancer drug in the last 3 months?
  • Does my child have cancer or AIDS or any other immune system disorder?
  • Is my teen be pregnant?
  • Has my child ever had a seizure or brain disorder?
  • Has my child had a blood transfusion within the year?

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