A Re-Bo-What?

Rebozos are usen by midwives in many native cultures around the world to aid in childbirth. Essentially a rebozo is just a long scarf that also can double as a baby sling. There are several ways to use the rebozo, but the can be especially helpful during the third trimester to help bring the uterus into symmetry and position baby's for a gentle and easy birth. Most Moms find this very relaxing and I have found that babies seem to respond very well. Anyone can use a rebozo to help position their baby in a vertex (heads-down) presentation. As a courtesy, I am happy to use the rebozo both prenatally and during birthing in a variety of ways, though you must hire me as a monitrice if you wish to have that possibility.

Here I have described one of several rebozo techniques, most commonly used to get a breech baby to turn. This may also be good for moms with babys that are already head down, as it loosens the involuntary muscles in and around the uterus and it helps to relax the ligaments attached to the uterus and pelvis, allowing the uterus to be brought into symmetry and preventing misalignment during birthing.

  1. A rebozo can be a long scarf , Maya baby sling (what I like to use), or you can buy one online ranging from $20-100. Longer is better and you want a durable fabric. You can also make one with sturdy fabric if you are crafty.

  2. Lay the scarf on the floor and have Mom lay on top of it, being sure that the scarf falls under her hips and lower to middle back

  3. Her partner then stands over Mom and pick up both ends of the scarf (one end in each hand)

  4. Help the Mom to become deeply relaxed and limp

  5. Gently lift to support the area being held by the rebozo, then begin to gentle slowly rock the rebozo (you will be jiggling Mom from side to side)

  6. Slowly increase the pace until you arrive to a rapid jiggling- basically your hands will be making a quick, alternating up and down motion. The best way I can think to describe it is like milking a cow…really fast.

  7. Continuously get feedback from Mom to ensure her comfort.

  8. When you are ready to finish, slowly decrease the pace until you have come to a full stop

  9. Have Mom lay there for a minute or so and then help her up.

  10. I’m not sure what the exact necessary amount of time to do this is, but my arms give out after a few minutes. I’ve never needed to repeat this a second time because a few minutes seems to do the trick, but it can be done more than once.

It sounds funny, but it truly does work! Many midwives in other cutures incorporate use of the rebozo as part of standard prenatal care and, as a result, they have never seen a breech baby. Rebozos can be a good compliment to other non-traditional care such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathic treatment. Used alone, it can be very effective when done properly. Rebozos can also be used for dangling during birthing and to provide abdominal support during pregnancy and birth. Please contact us for additional information.