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Birth and Beyond: Why a Doula

Doula care is a century-old practice that has been diminished only in recent decades. Doulas are widely present in many other cultures around the world and are continuously regaining their status in the American birthing culture. Studies comparing delivery outcomes of non-doula assisted births and doula-assisted births have shown that the presence of a doula's support during birth has affected the outcome of deliveries in the following ways:

  • Four times more vaginal deliveries than in non-doula assisted births
  • Reduction in the length of labor by over 50%
  • Reduction in cesarean section by over 55%
  • Reduction in mothers receiving epidurals for pain relief during labor by over 85%
  • Reduction in mothers using oxytocin (Pitocin) to induce labor or strengthen contractions by over 65%
  • Reduction in delivery assisted by forceps by over 65%
  • Increase in the breastfeeding success during the first 6 weeks by nearly 50%
  • Improved relationship between mother and partner following the birth over mothers with non-doula assisted deliveries
Statistics shared from Mothering the Mother, Marshall Klaus, Phyllis Klaus, and John Kennel

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Regardless of how birthing plays out, what is most important to us is that Mom feels that birth was done with her and not to her.

Did You Know?
Home births have been shown to be safer than hospital birth for healthy moms???
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If a Doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.
- John H. Kennell, MD

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