A monitrice is similar to a doula in that she will provide complete birthing support, often meeting you at home in the early stages of birthing. While she shares this commonality with most birth doulas, she is also skilled in certain aspects of clinical care and, upon request with permission, will perform certain tasks such as vaginal exams (only done prior to the release of your membranes), listening to your baby's heart tones, using a rebozo, and taking blood pressure.

Per the DONA Birth Doula Code of Practice, these skills are beyond the scope of a birth doula. As we are certified with DONA, we must be clear that we are not acting in the capacity of DONA birth doulas when performing these tasks. As such, if you wish to hire us as a monitrice rather than a doula, certain contractual revisions may be made in our agreement, but no additional payments will apply for these services. We will discuss this distiction prior to signing our agreement.