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About Khadijah

Khadijah and Simon
Khadijah Cisse is a traditional spiritual midwife, wife, and mother of three who has been attending births since 1999 in various capacities. Living near the border of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and also a close drive to southern Maine, she covers a wide geographical area with both doula and homebirth servies. Having first attended a local midwifery school, Heaven and Earth Midwifery, she went on to complete a fulltime and very busy apprenticeship with world renowned midwife, Nancy Wainer, where she obtained tremendous experience supporting mothers who, in many cases, would not have had a vaginal birth had they not been given the opportunity to birth at home. Khadijah has since attended hundreds of births both in the U.S. and abroad, and is an advocate of both midwife attended births and freebirth for empowered mothers who choose it. Khadijah supports families of all backgrounds.

Simon, listening to the heartbeat
of his newest sibling
In addition to her experience supporting families in birth, Khadijah also has vast personal experience in birthing, and in loss. Her oldest son born in 2002 was a swift natural birth, followed by a quadruplet pregnancy that sadly ended in a traumatic cesarian, and ultimately led to the loss of her set of twin boys and twin girls. She then went on to have a second cesarean and difficult recovery from what had been planned to be another gentle homebirth, but healed emotionally from that experience with the subsequent freebirth (a waterbirth!) of her youngest son in 2010, while supported by some amazing friends. It is through this personal journey that she maintains an unwavering commitment to mothers who feel they have been left broken in their birth and seek to have an experience where they feel empowered, supported, and free to take the path that leaves them whole.

18 weeks with quads
At 18 weeks with
Tom, Paul, Annalise, and Kate
Outside of her love of birthing, she has a strong inclination for natural living in all facets of life and is interested in permaculture, self sustainable living, unschooling, knitting (thanks to a client who sparked this interest), cultured foods, vegetable juicing, self healing, and "radical homemaking." Due to her inability to make milk, she is also extensively experienced with supplemental nursing and runs a milk donation connection website, know as MilkShare. To compliment her midwifery practice, she is pursuing training in healing methods that involve kinesiology (muscle testing) and emotional freedom technique. Additionally, through her own quest to improve her health, she has extensive and increasing knowledge in integrative nutrition and whole food diets, plus herbal and homeopathic methods for healing. She also offers intrauterine insemination and fertility counseling and education.

"I take special interest in breastfeeding, natural birthing and birthing in the home, including unassisted birthing and self-prenatal care. When Moms are relaxed and letting their body and baby decide when it is time to birth, birthing can be a gentle and pleasurable experience that is often very comfortable and full of many emotions including strength, fulfillment, and ecstasy. Birth holds a special intimacy that unites families in the most fantastic sense. It is unfortunate that our culture does not view birth in this light on the whole, therefore, women's minds are often full of less than positive influences. It is my goal to bring the beauty back to birth and ensure that every woman I meet, regardless of their birth wishes and choices, feels empowered and fulfilled from her birth experience."

With Audry and Lila<br>after her homebirth
With Audry and Lila
after their homebirth
"Many of the parents that I serve have low-intervention or no intervention births because they are making informed decisions and they are basing their decisions on true research rather than societal influence. Less than 10% of my Moms have had a cesarean and most of my Moms have educated themselves in a way that has helped them to not only avoid a cesarean, but also other very common interventions such as unnecessary ultrasound, inductions, and continuous fetal monitoring. By the end of 2004 I will have attended over 125 births, many of which have or will have occured in the home with Moms who trust the wisdom of their babies, the perfect design of their bodies, and the millions of years of evolution that tell us it is healthy to do so. The births that I attend occur in mainly in homes, but also in birth centers and hospitals."

*Please note that some of my services are beyond the DONA birth doula scope of practice, therefore if you wish for me to also use a rebozo or hypnosis to help you turn a breech baby, or if you wish for me to perform more clinical care including checking your cervical change during birthing (which is best kept to a minimum), you must hire me as a Monitrice.

Did You Know?
Home births have been shown to be safer than hospital birth for healthy moms???
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We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful... it's that women are strong.
- Laura Stavoe Harm

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