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Are You REALLY High Risk? Not Necessarily...

Did you know that many pregnant moms are walking around thinking that they are "high risk" when they in fact are not? It's true! Many common ailments in pregnancy are easily resolved or are perfectly fine with no treatment at all. A big part of what is missing in typical American obstetric care is nutritional counseling. The pregnancy body has many different nutritional needs and, when a woman is eating healthy, resting well, has a postive mental state, and a care provider who works to minimize technology and unecessary intervention, her odds of having an excellent pregnancy and very safe birth are terrific! Don't be intimidated by common misuses of terms like "preeclampsia" and don't be fooled into thing that you odds of uterine rupture are "high" if you've had a previous cesarean. For the sake of your baby, get the real facts and, if your care provider doesn't come through, seek out better care. Read more below.

  • Over 35... And???
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Fibroids & Hematoma
So Who is Truly at Risk?

Many women, even those with true complications of pregnancy, are capable of having a normal birth. There are, however, instances when a mother should be under the care of an obstetrician or other specialist. Some examples include:
  • Women with serious heart conditions or heart disease
  • Women who do not wish to eat well during pregnancy
  • Women who are diabetic prior to pregnancy
  • Women with seizure disorders
  • Women with serious liver or kidney problems
  • Women with uncontrolled thyroid issues
  • Women who are extremely obese (generally > 300 pounds, though height should be considered)
  • Women who smoke and are unwilling to break their habit
  • Women who have used certain illegal drugs regularly throughout pregnancy