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Getting Your Baby Prepared for Birth

Did you know that the position of you baby in the womb is one of the largest factors in what type of birth you will have? When baby is well-positioned, he will head down, facing either the mother's right hip or the mother spine. The two positions generally encourage the baby to tuck his chin tightly against his chest, thereby allowing baby to move down the birth path with the smallest part of his head (known as the "occiput"). Keeping baby in a good position helps to avoid uncomfortable "back labor," caused by a "posterior" baby, and can save you many unecessary hours of birthing. There are many ways that moms can encourage baby to be in a perfect birthing positions and, as your doulas, we strongly encourage you to take these preparations seriously, for they truly do make a difference for many babies.

Here is a list of important suggestions to follow in your third trimester:
  1. Always place a back support behind you while sitting to ensure that you are keeping excellent posture. Completely avoid positions that include reclining, lounging back, sitting in a "bucket-style" seat (found in many cars) with out support beneath you, and laying on your back.
  2. Spend a fair amount of time on your hands and knees or swimming belly-down in a pool to keep baby's occiput away from your posterior
  3. If you feel that baby is not well-positioned late in pregnancy, consider doing a rebozo treatment, chiropractic, or acupuncture to maximize space for your baby to spin.
  4. Avoid deep squatting in daily activities or exercise routines
  5. Eat healthy, with lots of protein, greens, and water, minimizing whites such as sugar and flour
  6. Ensure that you have a care provider who supports and understands the importance of good positioning- A good care provider will have discussed this with you before your last trimester (Many care providers are underinformed, leaving 1:3 babies posterior in labor)
  7. Make sure your birth doula is experienced in encouraging babies to spin properly during birthing! Relaxation, regular movement, staying unmedicated, and working with gravity all help.
To better understand how positioning affects your baby's birth, read more:
  • Positioning Overview
  • Spinning Babies- This is the website of Gail Tully, a terrific midwife in MN that has trained Kelley and many other doulas on how to help babies get better positioned during birthing. Kelley's learned techniques included use of a rebozo and other general helpful tips for baby's that are posterior and/or asynclitic at the onset of birthing.
  • Optimal Foetal Positioning Article
  • Turning a Breech Baby - look under prenatal issues and click on breech baby- Also I will do a HypnoBirthing breach script to help your baby turn

Did You Know?

This position is commonly known as "polar bear" and is extremely effective in spinning babies during labor when done properly.

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